Vet Visit #2

Well, I should have figured something was up when Mom came home with this new cat carrier. She put my cat toy in it and I jumped right in. Then I realized…it’s been three weeks…

in carrier3

Yup, it was time for my second visit to the vet…Before I knew it Mom had us zipped up and and we were on our way!

in carrier 4

Once again I found myself in The Room, where you wait for them to come weigh you and check if you have anything wrong with you.

It wasn’t that bad though, because this time Mom let me wander around and do whatever I wanted while we waited.

Dr Duran

Then the doctor came in. She’s the one who said I was cute last time. This time she said I was cute, and she remarked that I had grown so much! In fact they weighed me and I now weigh 3 pounds. Last time I was only 1.8.

on scale

She offered me some treats, but I was too interested in all the other things there were to see so I didn’t have any.


Now what I didn’t know was that this time I had to get blood tests. Unbeknownst to me, they take you in the back and poke you with a needle, then they put a bandage on your leg. The other thing they did was trim my claws. They told Mom I hated that part worse than the blood tests or the shots. Mom was glad though, because she is all scratched up from me trying to get up on her lap and not making it all in one jump. She has to lift me up the rest of the way, but not before I’ve dug my claws into the side of her leg to avoid slipping off.

Then we had to wait for the blood test results. I decided to keep exploring while we waited. Finally they came back in and said my blood tests were negative which is good. So we were good to go.licking legOnce we got home Mom helped me take my bandage off. Then it was time for a nap.

on windowsill

And I don’t have to go back for 3 weeks…