Who doesn’t love hummingbirds? If you are like me, you are fascinated by these tiny, colorful creatures, and every time you see one it is a cause for amazement.
In “Pandas and Penguins” I said I believe that God enjoyed making all the animals because He knew we would like them.  As an “artist/crafter” (and I use the terms loosely) I know that when I draw  or craft something that makes others happy, it makes me happy too. So why should we think the Lord would be any different, since we are made in His image?
And fortunately, in my soon-to-be-whimsical garden, as well as in my imagination, there are plenty of birds, humming and otherwise. Let’s look at the imaginary ones first…

green hummingAwhile back, when I was on a “hummingbird drawing roll”,  I got most of my ideas from clipart or other images online. This one, along with the title photo, are my versions of a machine embroidery pattern.

Turns out, it’s pretty hard to draw their wings when they are hovering. But remember, when your art is whimsical, it doesn’t have to look realistic to work. These are details from larger “whimsical garden” drawings.

Below you can see the what the entire drawings look like.

stained glass

Click to see stickers from Zazzle with this pattern!

Now for the real ones…

I didn’t think these were too bad, considering they were taken with an iPhone.

The rest (below) were taken with my actual digital camera…

hummingbird still 3

nap on windowsill

And so far, a Certain Cat hasn’t figured out that there are birds out there…