Hi everyone,  it’s me, Foster! I had some free time between playing, eating, and sleeping, so I decided to do another blog post for Mom. I have some exciting news to share with you too. I have discovered my middle name. It’s Seriously. No, it is, seriously. (Uh-oh, Mom, being the language person that she is, is telling me I could also have written, “No, it is Seriously.” See the difference in meaning with the punctuation and the lower case “s”? I don’t…) How did I discover my middle name? Well, it’s like this: lately I keep hearing Mom say, “Foster, Seriously?”

cat-litterI actually thought this was a pretty good idea. I mean, how often do you get to play Zoo and practice modeling for the kitty litter box in your own hallway? Why is the wastepaper basket in the hallway? It’s because Mom thought I would get into it if she left it in the bedroom.

Here are a few of the places Mom finds  me throughout a typical day.

This is my imitation of a Salvador Dali painting. Who says cats don’t appreciate art?

And, the best part…

I think I may have found that Nameless guy. I was playing in the laundry basket one day and when it tipped over I came face to face with him. But he wasn’t much fun since he didn’t come out and play. I wonder if he’s like Boo Radley in “To Kill a Mockingbird”…Guess I’ll have to go on the other side of the mirror to look for him one of these days.

by-rick-rackThis is me in the sewing room. I used to wonder why the door to that room is always closed. Now that Mom started a sewing project, I had the opportunity to find out.with-tape-measureThere are so many cool things to play with in there. It’s like a real life Cat’s Playground! Seriously.with-fabricDo these dots match my stripes? Sewing doesn’t look that hard. Let’s have a look at the directions…

Couldn’t figure out how this thing works, but Mom tries to keep me away from it when it’s running.


After a while, sewing can get a little boring. Fortunately there are plenty of places to nap…


Well that’s it for now. But I might also mention before I go, that if I don’t get the job as a kitty litter model, maybe I’ll have a future in greeting cards! Mom made some new cards with  me on them for her Zazzle Store. You can check them out here