Honest and Just

As you know, I am still working on my Philippians 4:8 watercolor “series”. So far you have seen True”.  Now it’s  time for “Honest” and “Just”. I’m still having watercolor “issues”… almost ready to start the whole thing over with gel pens, but don’t want to give up just yet…



This is how the lettering turned out. I was pretty happy with the results.

Then came the part where I had to let go and start coloring. Again it was all about control…


This time I tried to be “okay” with not knowing exactly what the water was going to do when it hit the ink. I had seen a watercolor tutorial where the teacher said, in effect, that you have to be “okay” with the lines and shapes not being perfect. And while it’s not like I’m that much of a perfectionist, that was still really hard to do.

I started by adding color to parts of the drawing and blending them with the water brush.


This is how the colors began to take shape.


Then it was time to work on “Just”….just-no-color

I didn’t take as many pictures of “Just” in progress, but you can see how I tried to keep it down to 3 colors.


And then to see them together…


I hadn’t intended for the colors in “True” and “Just” (below) to be so similar. You will also notice that I tried to make “Honest” and “Just” a little less “busy” than my first attempt. To be truthful (no pun intended) I may have to do “True” over again so the background matches the others a little better.


Next I decided to try something different. I thought I would make a background by covering an entire page with watercolors and then draw over the top of it. I did this one and a green one. After drawing on them I didn’t like the way they came out so threw them away. (They were SO not going to get posted here!)  Not even a wastepaper basket expert will be able to find them!


Well, maybe I am more of a perfectionist than I thought. (Or care to admit.)
Coming soon: “Pure” and “Lovely”.