Two More Vet Visits

Hi guys! It’s me, Foster, with two more vet visits to report. On September 20 I found myself back at the vet for more shots. This time I didn’t have blood tests, but they checked my teeth took my temperature, weighed me, and gave me a clean bill of health.



Guess I didn’t have any cavities!


Checking to see if all  my heart and lungs were good.


As mentioned by Panda in his post, Cat had to go with me.

We both checked out great, so I figured I was done with the vet for at least a year. But…


About  three weeks later, I found myself back in my carrier. Needless to say, I was not the happiest camper about this. Mom put me in the car, saying something about responsible pet ownership, and we were on our way.

I was appalled to see that they had some new decorations at the vet. This may not bode well…


I have to say I don’t have much to report about this visit, because it seemed like I was asleep for most of the time I was there.


When I woke up I had this plastic collar on and it was driving me crazy, so after a little while Mom took it off for me. They told her at the vet to keep it on me for 12-14 days. DAYS??? Mom said, “More like 12-14 MINUTES!” I’m glad she and I were on the same page about this.


This is kind of embarrassing, but Mom had placed the collar on the floor, and I was playing with it when…I accidentally got it stuck around my neck again!!! Mom had to take it off again and put it up where I couldn’t reach it.


Don’t know what that whole thing was all about, but afterwards it was time for a nap with Panda. Hope I’m done with the vet for a while now anyway!