A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

Begins With a Single Step (Chinese Proverb)
As you may know by now, I am on a quest for the perfect whimsical garden. Well, okay, I know it won’t be “perfect”, but I’ll be happy with “whimsical”.

These are just regular stepping stones that you buy at Orchard Supply or Lowes. I painted them with some house paint I happened to have lying around. After that I drew the designs on them with a Sharpie marker. You can see that it doesn’t matter if your drawing isn’t perfect, because you are going to paint over it anyway.

Here are the stepping stones in various stages of completion.

I decided to take all my paint outside on the patio because I didn’t know what colors I might need. I  wanted to avoid too much going in and out, lest my trusty  feline companion manage to get outside and discover that it’s fun out there!



Here you see what the stepping stones look like right now. When they are finished I will post them in “My Whimsical Garden Part 2”.