Home Alone

Hey peeps, Foster here! They say confession is good for the soul, and Mom thinks I have some confessing to do, so…

For the past week Mom has been going somewhere she calls “Jury Duty”…Don’t know what that’s all about, but it’s resulting in my being left by myself just about every day for hours at a time.

She says I’m not trustworthy enough for her to let me have the run of the house when she’s gone, so she’s been confining me to the bedroom and the bathroom all day.


It’s actually not bad being in the bedroom all day because as you may know from my post about naps, we cats do sleep a lot. But you can only nap for so long before you start getting really bored.

Panda must have felt the same way, because when Mom came home on the first two days, he was in the tub…no idea how he did that while I was asleep…

I myself found the sink much more interesting!



I have to admit one day we did have a little accident…I guess Panda and I were getting more than somewhat carried away running around and playing between naps! Fortunately Mom wasn’t mad…but after that the lamp disappeared…


The Kleenex box disappeared too…there is something fishy going on here!

One night this week Mom was following me around watching everything I did. And stuff keeps disappearing right and left. Each day when she leaves me by myself it seems there is less and less to play with. She took the basket off the bathroom shelf as soon as she saw me in it…but at least she let us play with it for awhile before it, too, disappeared.

Once the basket was off the shelf, I had more room to climb around, and I discovered there is one more shelf you could probably climb up to…


Then I thought it was a good idea to brush my teeth, but Mom wasn’t as enthusiastic. In fact I don’t think she even brushed her teeth that night. Who can figure? Next thing I knew the toothbrushes disappeared too. I think they’re in the cabinet but I can’t figure out how to get it open.

Then I discovered the toilet paper, and I figured I was really going to have fun the next day while Mom was gone. But she must have seen me playing with it, because believe it or not, the next day it was nowhere to be found!

As a matter of fact, somewhere in the middle of the week she actually closed the bathroom door and put my litter box in the bedroom. I guess the bathroom is off limits now when she’s not home. Fortunately she does leave the blinds open for me, so I can at least look outside if I get bored.



I think I could probably figure out how to open the door if I tried hard enough…


Turns out Mom has to go back on Monday so it looks like she’ll be leaving Panda and me home alone again. If anything  exciting happens we’ll be sure to let you know! (Just don’t tell her, OK?)