Gingerbread Adventures

Who doesn’t love gingerbread men? Besides being delicious, they are also cheerful, whimsical, resourceful, and energetic. It may come as a surprise to you to know that gingerbread men actually lead quite eventful lives when you are not looking!

christmas-presentsWhen my grandson was about eight years old, he got the idea of making gingerbread men into characters for my drawings. Like his sister had with Animal Playgrounds several years earlier, he climbed up on the couch with me and gave me his ideas while I drew them. What resulted was a collection of Gingerbread Adventures, revealing the never before seen lives of gingerbread men!



If you’re like me, you mainly associate gingerbread with Christmas. But as you will see below, gingerbread men are not just for Christmas anymore!


Gingerbread Boxing is one of my favorites. It is also one of the first ones we did, besides the Christmas ones. You will notice that the popcorn is always free, and (let this be a lesson to you) boxing is an extremely violent sport!


Besides boxing, gingerbread men also enjoy a variety of other sports. Here you see them at the Gingerbread Skate Park, where admission is an affordable 50 cents, and medical professionals are standing by in case of injury.


Snowboarding is also a favorite, and what goes better with gingerbread than a steaming cup of hot cocoa?


Of course in the summer they go to the swim park to cool off.


Camping is another summertime activity enjoyed by many gingerbread men. However, they prefer camping only in campsites where bears are prohibited.


When they are not playing sports, gingerbread men also enjoy the circus and the rodeo.



When my grandkids went to Louisiana one summer, we got inspired to do “Gingerbread Swamp.”


Gingerbread men often go to the beach, but only where there are no sharks, and only when there is a lifeguard on duty!


Before coloring in the pictures, I sometimes made coloring pages out of them.


And last but not least, Gingerbread Church! It was only after coloring the whole thing that we discovered they had all forgotten their Bibles! Now that’s embarrassing… But at least they are getting with the preaching, so you have to hand it to them for that.