Thinking Inside the Box

For a cat, some people say I’m spoiled. That’s because Mom is always doing stuff to make my life interesting. But she says she’s also doing it to make her life interesting, because watching me really keeps her entertained.


So it should not have come as any surprise to me when she came home one day with all these cardboard boxes.

I thought this was cool, because as you know, we cats really like boxes. But little did I know Mom had other plans…which also shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me!



boxes-6Before I knew it she was taping the boxes together. She even put glue on first and then tape to make it stay better. This took quite a while, and I wondered what it was all about.

boxws-9I knew they would be fun to climb in. Panda helped me check them out, but he wasn’t as impressed as I was.

The she moved them over to the other side of the living room, not to far from my new climbing shelves.


The next thing I knew she had a whole bunch of fabric from the sewing room and this glue stuff. I stuck around in case she needed help with anything.

She poured the glue stuff into a bowl and started to stick the fabric onto the boxes. It looked like she was trying to make more of a patchwork effect instead of having it all one color. After a while the glue started to dry and the fabric turned stiff and stuck to the boxes.boxes-21 I still couldn’t figure out where she was going with all this…boxes-20

boxes-22One thing about it, Mom makes a huge mess whenever she works on a project! See that cute coffee mug there on the shelf? It has me on it! In case you want one, they are for sale at Mom’s Zazzle store!  (Just thought I’d throw that in!)
boxes-19She seemed to be doing fine without my supervision, but I supervised anyway, just in case anything went wrong.

Gradually I figured out that Mom was making this for me to play on. Yes!!! More stuff I can climb on without getting in trouble!

P.S. I’m also helping Mom with her next project, making a Roman shade out of the Venetian blinds in the bedroom. Why she wants to get rid of the blinds, and when she will be done with this one is beyond me, but I’ll keep you posted!