Peacocks in art have always fascinated me. So it was natural that a couple of years ago I would go through a “peacock phase”. Here are some pictures from that endeavor.


Awhile back I made up a notebook where I kept clip art of things I wanted to eventually try drawing. These peacocks were actually supposed to be machine embroidery patterns. I used them for inspiration for several of my peacock drawings.

Above you can see my versions of the one with the straight neck and the curved neck. Below you see the how one of the curved-neck peacocks started out and how it ended up.


There’s something about peacocks and paisleys…they  just seem to go together!

Next are two attempts at peacocks in a “stained glass” style, based on clipart from an online search for “stained glass peacocks” (see notebook picture below). These were primarily done with Sakura stardust and metallic gel pens. Sakura gel pens are among my favorite art supplies… you don’t even want to know how many of them  I have!


Below are two pictures from my clipart inspiration notebook, along with my version .


felt-pen-peacockThis one was done with felt tip markers.



In reading through this post I’m starting to wonder what a person could possibly do with this many drawings of peacocks!  Well, maybe I can make a peacock calendar for my Zazzle store!