Lost in the House

Panda was missing. One of the last times I remembered seeing him was the morning  I woke up to this sight; he had apparently been put in “time out” the night before. Maybe he got offended and decided to run away…but since neither he nor Foster are allowed outdoors, I knew he couldn’t have gone far.  But he was missing. Or more accurately, he was Lost in the House!

panda-in-time-outFoster didn’t seem to notice he was gone, so for a day or two I just waited for him to turn back up. He could have been under the bed, or under the couch, or behind the dresser…I just figured I would look for him later.missing-panda-with-signThere is a story in the Bible about a woman who had ten coins and she lost one. She swept her entire house until she found it, and then rejoiced with her friends.  To my knowledge I didn’t have any lost coins in my house, but I was thinking of getting out the broom to start sweeping just to find Panda! But that would involve housework, so I just looked under things instead.lost-in-the-house-featured-imageTo help you understand this a little better, I should really show you some of the other things that have been “lost in the house” recently. The door to the guest room is almost always closed, but there is a space underneath it big enough for a catnip mouse to fit through. One day I opened the door and this is what I saw. I had been wondering where those little guys were hiding out!under-nightstandAnother day Foster was trying to reach something under the nightstand so I moved it away from the wall. I think the picture speaks for itself.reunitedI call this one “Reunited”.


I was beginning to think maybe I had accidentally thrown Panda out with the trash when I decided to look in the laundry basket. I had looked everywhere I thought Foster would have put him, but I hadn’t thought that I could have put him somewhere myself! I lifted up the sheets and voila! Out tumbled Panda into this very position. I must have scooped him up with the sheets and put him in the laundry without realizing it.panda-in-laundry

panda-foundAnd so Panda was found. Foster was glad  to see him, of course. I’m not sure whether the feeling was mutual.

P.S. As of this writing, Panda is missing again. I just looked under the bed and he’s not there. I guess I’d better start sweeping.