Plants and Outside Friends

Hi everyone, it’s me, Foster! Since I was so good when Mom was stuck in Nevada, she said I could do another post on her blog! This one is going to be about my new plant and my outside friends.plants-2012

First off, let me show you this picture Mom found of some of her plants from 2012 – way before I came to live with her. In fact, I don’t know when 2012 was, but it was probably before I was even born. Can you believe it? Three African violets,  a spider plant, a jade plant and something being rooted in water behind them all. Amazing she doesn’t have any of them anymore…


But the really good news is that now I have my own plant! Mom said it was an areca palm, and she says it’s  certified non-toxic by the ASPCA website. (She still closed it up in the sewing room when she went to Nevada – go figure!)

The best part about having my own plant, besides the fact that I can play with it and not get in trouble, is that now I can be just like my tiger relatives Mom saw at the zoo. My new plant is just like the ones the big tigers have. Only smaller. And planted in a pot. And inside. Well, you know what I mean.




This is not to say that Mom still doesn’t have a poisonous rubber plant in the house. But it’s put up in the sewing room, which is only open if Mom is in there so I don’t have many opportunities to play with it. She’s had it for years, and she doesn’t want anything to happen to it.

In the picture on the right you can see the ill-fated creeping Charlie you’ve doubtless already read about. And below is the one she didn’t buy…but she took the picture just to prove she walked right by and left it in the store. didnt-buy-plant

And now, about my outside friends!

Awhile back I noticed that there was a calico cat on my back porch. Immediately Mom started taking pictures of her and we called her Outside Friend. She doesn’t seem hungry and she doesn’t come at night or when it’s raining, so we’re pretty sure she has a home of her own.


So, since I’m an indoor cat and she’s an outdoor cat, whenever she comes over we just look at each other through the window. Before you start thinking Outside Friend wanted to come in and Mom was being mean and not letting her, I should tell you she was only trying to reach the iPhone when Mom got up close to take the picture.


Just like Romeo and Juliet!

Then, to make matters worse (or better, depending on how you want to look at it) another outside friend started coming around! Mom calls him Outside Friend #2 and she thinks he is primarily a Maine Coon cat. As you can tell by the photo, he is huge! Just look at those back feet! Mom’s sister said maybe he was my dad, but I was born halfway across town so I don’t know. But we do kind of look alike, don’t you think? Maybe I’ll grow up to be a Maine Coon cat too! If I don’t grow up to be a tiger instead.


Outside Friend #2 doesn’t look like a stray either, but we can’t figure out where he lives. He and Outside Friend #1 seem to know each other and get along, which adds to the mystery.


Well, as long as we can be friends through the window I guess I’m okay with them being in my yard. And at least I don’t have to share Mom or the recliner with them!