Baby Pictures

Hi, it’s Foster again! Today I was watching Mom when she was supposed to be organizing the sewing room. But she got sidetracked looking through an old album of baby pictures. Who knew people had baby pictures too? I thought it was just kittens. So I thought, why not make a post about both of our baby pictures? She didn’t say I couldn’t….


Here is Mom’s “baby book”. Funny how all the pictures are black and white. Was it like in the Wizard of Oz, where everything was black and white until a certain point and then it all turned to color? Well, never mind, I’ll think about that tomorrow. Now, let’s look at the baby pictures!

I know you’ve seen these pictures before, but I’m showing them to you so you can see how much I’ve grown! Hard to believe I’m so much bigger than Panda, isn’t it!

So apparently this is Mom, when she was little. Notice she is trying to go out the gate…or was this a case of parents taking a picture first and stopping the behavior afterward? I might mention that is one good thing about Mom having a blog…she always tries to take pictures of me before she stops me from doing stuff. So I get about 30 seconds longer to do whatever I’m doing than cats whose parents don’t have blogs! Here are some examples from when I was little. (If you’ve been reading our blog for awhile, you will recognize a few of them.)

Here we both are by a phone. And see how Mom made my picture black and white to look like hers? Yup, she’s pretty tech-savvy when she puts her mind to it!


This is me practicing being tech-savvy when I was little.


I have to say I don’t know what the items in this photo are, at least I’ve never seen anything similar around here!


I guess Mom must have been quite a handful, because there are some pictures of her in this cage-type thing. Well I guess that works on human babies, but if it was me, I’d just climb over or jump out between the bars!


Maybe they thought she would get away or something. Mom’s method of keeping me safe is having a good screen door! Look how small I am in this picture, compared to the ones of me and my Outside Friend!

Awww! Here is Mom with her daddy! (I don’t have any of my cat parents, but if I did I would show you.)

Here are some pictures of both of us when we were really small.

Nice to know Mom had a stuffed animal too, but what I can’t figure out is why hers was smaller than her when she was a baby, but Panda started out bigger than me!


Okay here’s the part I don’t get. Mom was playing in the dirt?? As germ-conscious as she is now?! Notice, too, how different kids’ sandboxes were back then! Now they have lids to keep us…or, shall I say, to keep outside cats, from getting in them. I bet Grandma never even thought of that! But then Grandma always did say, “The bad germs don’t live that long!” I guess she must have been right.


And here’s another amazing thing: she’s climbing on the fence! How come Mom used to do stuff like that when she was little and now that she’s grown up she doesn’t even like to drive on the freeway? Who can figure out humans, huh?

Well, it was fun going on this little walk down Memory Lane with you! Maybe we can see more pictures next time!