Who doesn’t love Peeps? I have a friend who has given me some every year at Easter time for I don’t know how long, and this year was no exception. And since Peeps are so cute (you almost don’t want to eat them) I thought I would share them with you. pink-peeps

Now before you start wondering, this is NOT one of those blogs where the person gets paid to advertise certain products, or gets a commission on items you click on from their site! (Maybe someday I’ll be a famous product tester/advertiser, but not now.) So when I show you all these adorable Peeps and talk about them, have no fear, I’m not trying to sell you anything!


When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to send us Peeps every Easter in the mail. My mother would always say, “Those are just pure sugar!” (Thus putting them in roughly the same category as “that awful white bread”, but that’s another story.) She did, however, let us eat them anyway. Peeps, as probably everyone knows, are made of marshmallow covered with colored sugar. I really don’t consider myself a “marshmallow person”; I very rarely just pick up a marshmallow and eat it, but somehow when that same marshmallow is in the form of Peeps, I could eat the whole box right now. Not that I DO, you understand. I just said I COULD!


If you look carefully at them, you will discover that all Peeps do not have the same facial expressions. The second one from the left looks a little sinister if you ask me! (Something I never really noticed before writing this post…)

I looked online and found out there is actually an official  Peeps Website. One thing that interested me was this page,  where you can see how Peeps are made. I learned that 2 billion Peeps are manufactured each year, and that this is enough to circle the earth four times. (I don’t know how they figure this stuff out, I’m just the messenger!) If you click around enough through their website, I’m sure you will find a list of ingredients, too. Then you can see whether they are or aren’t “just pure sugar!”

I also discovered there are recipes and crafts you can do with Peeps. I thought this one was especially cute. The recipe is on the web page where the picture came from.



So you can imagine how excited I was this past week to find these adorable plush Peeps at CVS! They didn’t have them in yellow, but I found the yellow one below at Vonn’s a couple of days later.


I like the fabric of the yellow one better than the other two, because it’s less fluffy and a little more “Peep-like,” and they had them in all three colors, but I didn’t want to buy two more just to have three that matched. I put them all in the chair to see if Foster would show an interest in playing with them. If he did, I was going to let him, but if not that would be okay too. (I know I am way to permissive as a parent, thank goodness he’s just a cat and not a little kid!)


I even brought Panda into it so you could see their size in perspective.

Foster did climb up into the chair and sniff the Peeps, and he sniffed Panda as if to say, “Dude, what are you doing with these guys??” but that was about it. Instead he preferred to nap at the foot of the chair on what I now call his “flying carpet”. Why the “flying carpet?” Because I’ve started finding it in all different locations between the living room and the sliding door…which I’m sure could be a story in itself. Stay tuned for that one…