A Word From Our Sponsor

Hi all, this is Foster and I have some exciting news! Mom said I could do a commercial for our blog! Yep, that’s right, a real live commercial!

cat litter

If you remember, when I was little I wanted to try out to be a Kitty Litter Model. See how I was practicing holding up my paw just like the cat on the box?  But Mom said, “Foster, seriously?” and made me get out of the wastepaper basket. I guess back then she thought I was too young for show biz.

getting out of wastebasket

So I obediently climbed out of the wastepaper basket and it was “back to the drawing board.” Or, in my case, back to the drawing tablet!

This was before I got bigger than the drawing pad!

I thought and thought but couldn’t figure out how I could be in a commercial. Then, the other day Mom mentioned our “Foster the Cat” line of Zazzle products and how we have a lot of new items. She said I could do a Zazzle commercial! So let me show you some of the new items we have for sale!Foster StickerFirst the good news! Mom discovered that the jungle background in this picture was actually from one of those websites where you can use their images for free. It’s called Pixabay and she really likes it. So we are able to use them in our products. These are stickers you can get,  and you can even get different shapes or change the text to something else. (Suggestion: “This is Foster. Isn’t he cute”? Or something to that effect.) Click here to see them in our Zazzle store!

foster card capture

We also have some new notecards! You can see this one here. You get to add your own text to the inside, too! If you click here, you can see our whole Cards and Stationery collection.

sponsor featured

In case you were wondering why I used this picture for my “featured image” at the top of this post, it’s because this is all I have to do to make products for our store! Mom actually does all the work on the computer. I just have to make sure I do enough cute things all day so she can take the pictures of me!

And one more thing…

sister card

This isn’t from the Foster Line, but we think it’s super cute. It’s from Mom and her sister’s baby pictures. Someone could change the picture to one of themselves, but we think Mom and her sister are cute enough as they are! Mom is thinking about making a line of cards with “vintage pictures” on them because every time she sees one in the store she says “I could do that!”

Well, thanks for joining us for my first commercial! I’m back to work now, giving Mom more material for new products!