A Work in Progress

In looking through a lot of craft related blogs, I’ve noticed that every now and then someone does a post about their unfinished projects (aka WIP/works in progress). So as usual, I thought “I can do that!” I looked through my drawing pads to see what I could contribute to the “WIP” tag.

fenceI counted this as an unfinished drawing because I don’t remember intentionally leaving the fence uncolored.unfinished 1Don’t know exactly where I was going with this, but it looks like it became a practice page, as indicated by the cat sketch.

These were going to be kind of “samplers” for different fill patterns, both  Zentangle and otherwise.

Some lettering ideas that never got finished.

You may remember reading about my trials with watercolors. As you can see this project still has a way to go…

practice cats

Practice pages, apparently.

I’m not too sure what happened on the left…I think I decided to experiment with watercolors and changed my mind after realizing I hadn’t done the doodle drawing in permanent ink. The peacock made it into the “Unfinished Gallery” because I’m pretty sure I meant for the design to cover the whole page. On the right, it’s only the mushroom that needs to be finished. Well, I guess it’s just “The Way of Things”!

And then there’s the sewing room!

Going in there with this in mind was probably a mistake, because in looking through my plastic bins I found a lot of things I had forgotten I’d even started! Like this rainbow colored quilt that was going to be an experiment in machine quilting. (Read: Fail!) Or these baby afghans, none of which are finished. I started thinking of how much TIME was spent on these projects and wondering if it was all wasted since they never got finished. The more forgotten projects I found, the more I thought, it’s a good thing I’ve already had my job and retired, because if a prospective employer were to read this post, I would get majorly marked down for “follow through” skills! And probably wouldn’t get hired at all!

The back of the rainbow quilt, an unfinished Bear Paw quilt and some random quilt blocks.

This is one of my favorites. It’s an unfinished quilt top made out of flannel from old flannel nightgowns. If this one ever gets finished it will be so cozy!

This one was going to be for a queen sized bed. Still just a quilt top.

Then there is the Holly Hobbie quilt top. For this I used Holly Hobbie squares I had embroidered as a teenager in the 70s, and it was going to be for my granddaughter. She is now fourteen. (Read: She has outgrown Holly Hobbie.)

Then there was the Noah’s Ark quilt for my grandson, who was born in 2006. He’ll be eleven this fall.  As you can see, it never got past the quilt top stage either.

postage stamp 2

This postage stamp “Around the World” design goes all the way back to my college days. To be fair, it kind of is finished. It’s only a quilt top, but I had hemmed it around the edges and at one time was using it for a wall hanging. The extra squares, however, were probably going to be something else. Unlike my other quilt tops, these were stitched by hand. Don’t ask  me how a college student had enough spare time to hand stitch all this. I just report what I see…

double wed ring 2

An unfinished Double Wedding Ring. I had completely forgotten about this one!

Then at one time I was into applique. Once I remembered I even had this, I remembered Mark telling me that in real life, Noah’s ark didn’t have that kind of window. I said I was just getting the idea across, not trying to be Biblically sound!

stars detail

And to top it off, I even have somebody else’s unfinished project! I rescued this quilt top from a bag of hand-me-down fabric someone had given to me. I just couldn’t let something like that go to Goodwill or worse, get thrown away. I don’t know if it’s old, but it is completely hand stitched.

back of stars

in box

A friendly reminder…

Be sure to keep an eye on your cat if you are going to spend a lot of time in your sewing room going through unfinished projects!

One More Thing…

Here is the grand finale, where you learn that I truly am the Queen of Unfinished Projects! The last time Foster and I went to my mom’s, she and I went through some things from my childhood. That’s when I found this embroidery project. I have no idea what it was going to be, but it appears to be a hand drawn design that included a tree, a bird, and what looks like a trellis. It’s a long (in the sense of height), narrow piece of fabric, somewhat heavier than a flour sack dishtowel. Much of the drawing is faded and I’m only guessing that the picture below is part of a tree.

Signed and dated by the artist herself!