It Will Be Okay


April 13, 2017 is the one year anniversary of Mark’s passing. As many of you know, he was my husband and best friend for 24 years. I still cannot wrap my mind around the idea that we have gone an entire year without him. In so many ways, it feels like just yesterday. But, in any case, reflection is in order.

You may have noticed that I have been adding cute foxes to my decor both in the garden and inside. That’s because of the book, “It Will Be Okay” by Lysa TerKeurst, illustrated by Natalia Moore. You can see the book on by clicking on the above link. Here I’ll give you a quick book review, and you will see how God provides us with encouragement and comfort when we need it the most.

It will be okay

One Saturday morning in February or March of last year, Christy and I happened into a Christian bookstore here in town. (Either Mark was feeling well enough to be home alone, or my granddaughter had been assigned to “Papa Watch”.) Since we had only been to this bookstore once before, we decided to go in and look around. Inside, several small children were sitting on the floor in the children’s section, and a woman was reading aloud to them. After hearing one or two sentences from where I stood at a nearby shelf,  I had tears in my eyes. I had to have that book.  I bought it right away, when we went home I read it to Mark.

best friendsThe story is about a little seed and a little fox who become best friends. Little Seed lived in the Farmer’s shed, where he was cozy and comfortable, and Little Fox lived in the woods where he was sometimes afraid of things. We immediately identified with the adorable characters. Mark looked just like Little Seed, all wrapped up in his robe and covered with a blanket on his recliner, and that, in turn, made me Little Fox. And so Little Seed and Little Fox joined us for the final part of our journey.farmerLittle Seed goes through a scary and life changing experience when the Farmer plants him in the ground. The Farmer tells Little Seed that this will be different and may be scary, but to trust him, and assures him that everything will be okay. Little Seed and Little Fox are not so sure.little fox 2At first the friends are frightened and lonely. Little Fox stays by Little Seed day and night. During this time he begins to see how the Farmer is good and kind, and is always watching over them.little foxEventually Little Seed grows into a little sprout, and then into a beautiful tree. Together the friends had made it through the dark and scary time, and in the end they continue to live happily with the Farmer.

Together b
One of my versions of Little Fox and Little Seed. Done with felt pens.

Several weeks after finding “It Will Be Okay”, I happened past the bookstore again. I noticed a little poster in the window announcing that “Story Time” was the first Saturday of the month, from 10-11 a.m. One day, one hour, during the whole  month, and Christy and I went into the store at the exact moment on the exact day when they were reading this very book.

Fox and Tree
It Will Be Okay. Done with felt markers and gel pens.
No one can tell me it wasn’t God in His kindness who brought Little Seed and Little Fox into our lives at just the right time. It makes me know that, no matter what, with our loving, faithful God watching over us, it really will be okay.