A Flying Carpet Ride

Who knows what adventure lurks in the hearts of cats?

by water bowlOh hi! It’s me, Foster, and I have to type fast, because Mom thinks I’m asleep on the bed with Panda! But I want to tell you about our flying carpet adventure!

You may have read at the end of her post on Peeps that I have a carpet that slides around the floor when I play on it. Mom made a comment about it being my “Flying Carpet”. Well that got me thinking…maybe I could really go on a flying carpet ride. What was the name of that kid in the Broadway play…Aladdin?

Just think  of all the things you could see and the places you could go!

flying shelf

I got this picture from some stuff Mom found online. Hmmm…
rug lol 2
Ahh…what fun it would be…

flying over fresno with pandaThen suddenly, before I knew it, Panda and I were flying over the Fresno skyline! I have to say it was a teeny bit scary at first, but we were so excited about our adventure that we soon forgot our fears.

foster and panda lookingThe view was breathtaking! But after awhile we were so sleepy that we decided to take a little nap.

Fresno-sunset napWe must have been asleep for a long time, because when we woke up, we found ourselves flying over the Grand Canyon!grand-canyon-panda falling offBut wait! Something was wrong! I felt something pulling on my tail, but…where was Panda?

panda flying away 2“Panda!” I shouted. “Where are you?” And then I realized what had happened! Panda had fallen off the carpet! “What should I do?” I wondered. Suddenly I wished we had asked Mom to come on our adventure with us.

panda parachuting 2What a relief! By a stroke of genius, Panda had listened to Mom and brought his parachute along “just in case.” (Mom always says the world needs people like her.) after adventure

I’d like to be able to tell you how our adventure ended, but somehow the next thing I knew we were both safely back in the bedroom, sound asleep! Well as long as Mom doesn’t find out, I guess we won’t get in trouble…