Mouse in Water

Yes, I know it is supposed to be “Fish in Water”… but we are dealing with Foster here. Need I say more?

paw in water

Have I mentioned yet that this cat likes to play with water? Awhile back I started finding a variety of cat toys in his water bowls. He has food and water in two places: the kitchen and the bedroom, so he has double the opportunity to drown his mice and fish.

mouse in water

This is the water bowl in the kitchen. Notice the “Talavera” colors and design. Those are plastic placemats from Walmart (no, this is not a commercial). But I like them so much that I probably have about five of them now. (For use as household decor, you understand. Can’t eat off the table, as it has become a craft center.)

If you’ve been reading long, you’ve seen these before.

licking lips
An attempt at using the table to eat AND do crafts, when Foster was little.

Well, let’s get back on topic. I actually Googled this when it started happening. Come to find out, this behavior is fairly common among cats. The explanation I found was that cats like to put their important things in a safe place, and what safer place than in their food and water? I also read that sometimes cats will put their toys in their water and then fish them out, as they would if retrieving prey in the wild.

fish by water 2

fish by water

The above pictures might look alike, but the point here is that they were taken on two different days! Two days in a row (April 19 & 20 respectively) I woke up to the same sight on my bedroom floor!

fish in cat food

This one is called “Fish in Cat Food.” I know the cat food looks kind of gross. I don’t know why anyone would want to eat tuna with chicken strips in it that look like worms, but I guess there’s no accounting for taste. Literally.

arm in water

Apparently some cats like to be behind (and partially in) their water dish.

I know they tell you to make sure your cat has fresh, clean water at all times, and I do. But when the cat puts a catnip fish in his water and it soaks up most of the water and by the time you see it the water has turned green…the cat owner’s manual doesn’t cover that. You can see how the fish had to dry out on the kitchen counter by the sink. And Foster’s thinking, “You say that like it’s a bad thing?”

panda in cat food

This one is called “Panda in Cat Food”. Don’t ask me to explain. My cat likes to share.

both paws in water

These two were taken just today. You will notice the placemats are missing. That’s because he had been playing in his water earlier and spilled it all over them. Somehow I didn’t get a picture of that, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. (I’m sure by now you have no problem believing that!)

feet in water

Note: As part of the “Truth in Blogging” agreement, I decided not to photoshop the spots out of the curtains. My goal is to replace them eventually, so why bother?


This is the current state of affairs in the kitchen. You will notice the Flying Carpet” off to the right. Yup, that was an adventure!