A Place in the Sun

I have always been fascinated by photographs of sunlight shining through or on things. Especially plants and cats. Here I’ll share with you some “sunlight pictures” that I have taken recently, as well as some from years ago.
geranium in sun
I love it when the sunlight shines through plant leaves and creates a halo effect around the flowers!

Sun and shade on the patio.

tree with sunlight
This was years ago, when a huge branch from our tree broke. Eventually the whole tree had to be taken out, which was sad. But isn’t there just something about the sun shining through the green leaves and over the grass that makes a cool photograph?
pointy plant
I like this one because it reminds me of one of those fiber optics lamps from the 70s!
Scamper color
This is from my first digital camera. We got the camera the year our granddaughter was born, and she is now 14, so you know this one is old. The cat was Scamper, (mentioned briefly in “Cousin Tom Cat’s Adventure”). There are a lot of stories about Scamper and his best friend Skippy (who was a Sheltie), but I will save them for a later date.
misc 092
Playing with the features of the digital camera, before my “photoshop” days, I had discovered you could change the pictures to black and white.
Stripey in sun
This is from one summer when we had a lot of stray, feral cats in our neighborhood. We called this one Stripey. Just look at the way the sun shines through his fur and whiskers!

I love the way cats look sitting on a bed with the sun shining on them. The cat on the left was Scout. You can read about her in “The Way of Things”. You should have no trouble recognizing the guy on the right!

sun on bed 2
Ahhh! Pure relaxation!

sun computer chais

Nothing like a sunny computer chair!

humming bird feeder
On “Hummingbird Watch”.
panda in sun
Panda on the road to Damascus!
Foster in sunlight
Windowsills are great for cat photos if you want to combine sun and shadows.
aliens abducting panda
Looks to me like Panda and Cat are about to get abducted by aliens!
place in sun featured
Waiting for another close encounter?


back of couch

And last but not least, sunning yourself on the back of the couch is great at any age!