Tiny Flowers

What could be more fun than sitting for hours drawing tiny, tiny flowers? Not much…unless it’s making kaleidoscope images out of your tiny flower drawings!

green and blueThe tiny flower drawings in this post are mostly from 2011 and 2012. They are the result of lots of time in waiting rooms, and they are some of my first “designs”. This is what I did before I got into whimsical gardens and everything else.green and blue kaleidoscope

But since pictures of tiny flowers sounded kind of boring for a blog post, I decided to use “PaintShop Pro” to see what they would look like as kaleidoscopes. You may have already read Doodles and Kaleidoscopes, but I discovered some cool new stuff while doing these. So of course I got majorly carried away!

The flowers aren’t particularly tiny in “Picnic Blanket With Flowers”,  but I thought they came out pretty as a kaleidoscope. THEN I discovered that there is a feature where you can change the number of sides (petals) on your kaleidoscope image.

This complicated matters enormously, because I had to try as many different numbers as I could, just to see how they would come out.
Capture 14
Here is Picnic Blanket With Flowers using 14 sides. The version you saw above was done with 8.
flowers and butterfly
This one is called “Flowers and Butterflies”. (Original, huh?) But wait till you see it in kaleidoscope form!
flowers and butterfly 4
This was done with 4 sides.
Then I discovered the Edge modes: Wrap, Repeat, Color, and Reflect. Up until then I had not noticed these, so all my kaleidoscope images had been done with the default, “Reflect”.
flowers and butterfly ks
I was now on a roll!

“Flowers, Etc.” looked kind of “talavera” style as kaleidoscopes.

“Black and White”. I don’t remember how many sides I used, but you can always count them yourself…flowers doodle


flowers doodle 30

Like I said, I got majorly carried away. Can you tell I really like geometric patterns and flowers?flowers doodle ks

This butterfly is much more recent, and it doesn’t have any tiny flowers, but I love the way the kaleidoscope came out.

butterfly colors 30
Same drawing as above, using the “Wrap” edge. Looks like a “Spirograph” drawing to me! Remember Spirograph?
This is a pretty recent doodle, not one of the original “tiny flowers” collection…
colorful 15
15 sides.
misc colors
This one is called “Misc. Colors”

misc colors ks

How awesome are these?!

misc colors 5

Okay, by now you’re probably thinking, “Okay, I’ve seen enough! I get the picture!” But wait! One more thing before I go…

Foster posterize

Maybe next I will work on artistic photo effects with Foster!