Area 51 (A Foster and Panda Adventure)

Foster: There are  few things more boring than when Mom is working on the computer. Granted, as a cat, I do tend to sleep most of the day, and Panda pretty much follows my lead. But sometimes you would like your mom to quit typing and editing pictures and do something fun.

panda and window

Panda: So today Mom was working on her computer, practicing her photo editing skills, I think. Foster and I were getting really bored, and Foster started looking out the window. It was then that he brought up the idea of going on another adventure.

panda in front of recliner

Foster: I will say this about Panda: he has virtually no imagination. When I look out a window, I see a whole world of adventure just waiting for me to get there. Even though I am an inside cat (Mom says someday she’ll explain why), I can think of all kinds of fun stuff to do if I ever get out there. Today was no exception.

Foster: You may have seen some of Mom’s photo editing in “Beginning Photo Editing” awhile back. She used some of her edited photos to make cards in our Zazzle store, but she hasn’t done much photo editing lately. escapePanda: Since Foster was set on going on another adventure, I decided I’d better go along and supervise. After our last adventure I realized that he needs someone with enough sense to at least bring a parachute! So I packed my stuff and let him drag me out the window.

Foster: Mom was so busy working on her computer that she didn’t even notice we were gone. (I think she said something about a new blog post.) Before we knew it we were on our flying carpet and out of sight.Foster in milky way 2Panda: This time we went on the rug in the front living room. Unbeknownst to us, it can go a lot higher than the one by the sliding door. Before we knew it we were spiraling into outer space! Then we gradually descended into the earth’s atmosphere. I leaned over to get a better view, and–panda falls offFoster: Wait, didn’t this already happen? It’s either deja vu or history repeating itself! Panda had once again fallen off the carpet! I tried to grab him but he slipped between my paws. Apparently he hadn’t brought his parachute or else it didn’t open, because he tumbled all the way to the ground!panda tumbles downPanda: “Help!” I shouted. But it was no use. My parachute didn’t open. Before I knew it I landed right on the ground next to some cactuses. (Okay Mom, if you’re listening, “cacti”…)panda in desertPanda: The view was actually unbelievable. I could only deduce that we were somewhere in the high desert. Area 51 maybe? Before long Foster plopped down beside me on the ground. I always knew he would risk his life to save me! both in desertFoster: Well, this was a fine kettle of fish! (Actually that sounded pretty good at the moment) Here we were, somewhere in the high desert, with no transportation and no food! We climbed up into a Joshua tree to think about what we should do. We kept hearing strange noises and Panda thought it could be UFOs. He said we were right in the middle of the famous “Area 51”. We had heard about it on the radio late one night when Mom thought we were asleep. (I’ve never brought this up before because I don’t think she would have approved had she known.)in joshua treePanda:  We were getting cold and hungry.  I said I sure wished we hadn’t lost our flying carpet. It was then that Foster came up with a great idea. If this was Area 51, there would have to be planes around somewhere. Maybe we could borrow one and get back home!foster looks for planeFoster: There was no time to lose. We started exploring and finally came up an embankment where we saw a “No Trespassing” sign. “We must be getting close to the planes,” I said, and Panda agreed. “It can’t be long now!”found plane

Panda: Then, just as the dawn was breaking, we found it! An unattended plane! Surely no one would mind if we borrowed it for awhile. Now we could get back home. We were elated! About this time I started wondering…did Foster know how to fly this thing? Because I sure didn’t…both in cockpit 2Foster: In “A Helping Paw,” you will remember that I said Mom told me if you think about something long enough you should be able to figure it out. But this was more complicated than I thought. Oh well, I had no choice but to try…both in cockpitPanda: “Wow!” I thought, “This is amazing!” Foster was flying the plane like he’d been doing it all his life! It took us all night to get home. Of course, since neither one of us knew the way, that could account for some of the extra travel time.foster and panda bigger

Foster: Finally we made it home, safe and sound! Mom hadn’t even noticed we were gone, but she did say she was done with her blog post. Well, at least we had some fun while she was writing!