A Helping Paw

Hi everyone! Foster here, ready to show you how I have been lending a “helping paw” to Mom these days. In the featured image above, you can see Panda and me, ready for our day. All we need is for Mom to tell us what she wants us to do!

are you upOne of the first things I usually do is wake Mom up in the morning. I like to get right up close and ask if she’s up yet. Sometimes I have to pat her arm or face with my paw to make sure she knows it’s morning.

on garbage canThen, once she knows it’s time to get up, I wait for her in the kitchen so she can feed me.

ready for dayAfter that, we report for duty.

Sometimes my work begins as early as 3:00 a.m. One of my former jobs was to go behind the dresser looking for things, or just to make sure all the cords were plugged in correctly in the middle of the night. That was until Mom came up with this nifty “plug hack” to keep me from messing with them. Amazing what people can think up!

blindsEver since I was little I have always tried to open the blinds by myself. Strangely enough, though, the twisty rods have disappeared from just about all the blinds in the house.looking out blindsSo now, a lot of times I just have to open them this way.

blinds 2Or like this! After all, Mom always says that if you think hard enough, you should be able to figure out pretty much anything, and I think she’s right. (Case in point, the aforementioned plugs behind the dresser.)

Most people don’t like to take out the garbage, so I am always ready to help Mom with this one. I even got Panda to help me once. I have to admit, he’s usually pretty helpful when he puts his mind to it.

Sometimes Mom needs help opening the cat food bag. I’ve discovered cat food bags are not that hard to open. And I do know how to get my own water if necessary, so I doubt I would starve if she went somewhere and forgot to ask Carlos and Kate to check on me.

don't leave bags out

But she doesn’t like it when I try to help unpack the groceries. Hmmm….

Another thing Panda helps me with is the yarn. Whenever Mom takes out the yarn and that little metal stick with the hook on the end, I try my best to rescue her. I don’t want her to get all tangled up, after all. So I wait patiently by the chair until just the right moment and then I jump for it!


I even helped her organize the yarn in the sewing room, too. I’m pretty proud of myself, because it’s easy to get distracted in there with so many things to play with!

One thing about us cats is that we can climb up to reach stuff that ordinary people can’t. So once in awhile (usually late at night when I think Mom’s asleep) I check to make sure everything is okay with the shower curtain and the bathroom cabinets.

Every now and then Mom can’t find her phone so I check her purse for her.

sewing itemsAs you know, I usually help Mom with all her different projects. (Except for the stepping stones, since I’m not allowed to go outside.) I know pretty much where all her craft and sewing supplies are, so if she needs something I can just go get it for her.

Here are some of the other ways I help Mom on a daily basis. Some I have been doing ever since I was little, as you can tell by the photos. Mom said she was just going to let you make up the captions of your choice for these…getting paper

Oops, gotta go! Looks like I just got my printout for what I’m supposed to do tomorrow! Well, you know what they say, “A cat’s work is never done!”