Pinterest Project # ?

I admit it: I have forgotten how many Pinterest projects I’ve done, so I don’t know what number this one is!

Yes, it’s true…I have succumbed to the DIY Ottoman! For awhile now (maybe two or three days,) I have been thinking that I needed an ottoman for my recliner. Why do you need an ottoman when you could just recline the chair and pull out the footrest, you ask? Well, you obviously don’t live with Foster!

We are talking about a cat who loves to get in stuff. Do you really think you could sit in a recliner and not have him get underneath it as soon as you recline? Okay, you get it now. I sometimes like to put my feet up, but haven’t been in the mood to squish my cat in the process of un-reclining.

by recliner

So I succumbed. It was time for Pinterest Project Number “?”

Of course the first thing I had to get was the fabric! (Well, actually the first thing I had to get was a box, but I had ordered two bedspreads from Amazon and they came today, and the box they came in was perfect.)


It’s a good idea to “practice” by laying out the colors together to see how they will look.

The chair cushion I got turned out to be just a teeny bit too big one way and too small the other way. So I cut and pasted it so to speak…if you saw the pictures of that you would laugh at me, so we’ll skip them for now. Then I covered it with the paisley fabric.


Remember I said you hadn’t seen the last of my trusty staple gun?

on pillows in box

To make the box heavy enough not to tip over or bend, but not too heavy to move around, I stuffed it with pillows. There are way too many pillows in this house, but pillows are something you hate to throw away. And I know I wouldn’t buy one at Goodwill, so probably nobody else would either. Oh, did I mention that Foster likes to get in stuff?

After that it was time to cover the box with quilt batting and fabric.

first attempt

When I put the cushion on top of the box it was a little bit too big. So I thought, how can I camouflage that? I immediately thought of a ruffle.

starting ruffle

ruffle from far away

There was just one problem. I didn’t like it.

As much as I like ruffles, I guess I don’t like them on furniture. All I could think about when I looked at my ottoman were these Early American 1970s style chairs. No offense to anyone who might have this furniture, but it was not the look I was trying to achieve.

tacksSo I took the ruffle off and tried something different.

Okay, now I think it’s done. I switched the carpets and I think I like the brown one best. It even looks good in front of the other recliner.

by other chair
sleeping by ottomanWell, there you have it, the all day Pinterest project that was almost a “Pinterest Fail”… But now it’s bedtime, so maybe we’ll dream up some more ideas to try tomorrow!