I think Mom, if she hadn’t become a teacher, could have been one of those paparazzis who take random pictures of people when they least expect it. Or when they aren’t looking. Panda agrees; one day we went through her pictures on the computer and you can’t believe all the pictures she has of us!
by door
She always catches us in the most awkward positions!
spilled water
And she catches us doing stuff we’re not supposed to be doing.
Then she’s into this selfie thing…
looking down from windowsill
Seriously, how many people do you know who would take your picture while lying in bed when you are staring down at them from the windowsill?
striped socks
Then she tries to say we have the same striped socks!
claw stuck on sweater
And when you get your claw stuck on her sweater she has to take a picture before she gets you unstuck!
on desk 6
Looks like she’s been taking pictures of cats for quite a few years. Don’t know who this guy is, but the picture has been there since I was little.

I feel kind of bad for Panda, because whenever Mom sees him in different parts of the house, instead of picking him up and putting him on the bed, she just takes a picture of him and keeps walking!

praying for panda
Once in awhile I have to pray for him so he doesn’t lose heart.

When I was little I had never seen a cereal bowl before so I was trying to see if it would fight back. And what was Mom doing? Taking pictures, what else?

Then she even made a meme about me. How was I supposed to know the pictures would fall down and break? Even so, it’s no cause for cat shaming!
sleeping up close
Half the time you don’t even know she’s taking pictures because you’re asleep!

Then she lets people hold you and instead of rescuing you she’s taking pictures and going on about how cute you are! Such indignity!

computer chair
Speaking of indignity!

close up eyes

Well, I guess we have to admit we do like looking through Mom’s pictures on the computer. But it would be so much more fun if they were all loose in shoeboxes that we could dive into and scatter around!