Talavera Kitchen Part 3

In case you’ve been wondering (…or not…) I think I’m almost done with the Talavera Kitchen!
kitchen cabinets
This is how the blue paint turned out on the cabinets.

(For background on this, see Talavera Kitchen, Part 1 and Part 2.)

two geckos
I honestly never thought I would purposefully put geckos on my kitchen wall, but they do kind of grow on you.
fan anf fish
In Part 2, I showed you how I had put up the black curly designs from Hobby Lobby in the left hand corner. I decided to put the other one up too, so it looks a little more symmetrical.
plates on wall
Yes, the tiny Christmas Cactus is real, but the others are fake. (Including the Boston fern you see on the right.) I’ve finally given up on real plants in the house, at least until Foster is a little older!
new fan 2
This is the new “Talavera” ceiling fan. (I won’t lie and say it didn’t occur to me to try to put it up myself, but once I read the directions I decided I’d better have it done professionally.) In this picture you can see the cabinets in the background that still need to be painted.
stove 0
There was one spot that needed to be “Talavera-ized”, but it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. I thought it would be nice if the white formica behind the stove could somehow be blue, but paint seemed out of the question on such a smooth surface.


For awhile I had toyed with the idea of contact paper, since last year I had redone the inside of the cabinets, and now I realized that the blue matched my paint almost exactly. But as usual, putting on the contact paper proved to be a bit of a pain.

contact paper 5
When I finally did get it put on, there were all these little air bubbles everywhere. Just like the last time I tried to put one of those clear screen protectors on an iPhone… It occurred to me that you could probably pop the bubbles with a pin and then smooth them out. Better Google it first, I thought. And, lo and behold, that’s exactly what the experts in cyberspace said to do!
stove 1
I actually think it turned out pretty well, and I also found a spot for my plastic tray that I got at Tuesday Morning.

back of stove


kitchen portrait
So here you see it from the dining room.  Looks like the corner of one of Foster’s “flying carpets” can barely be seen at the right of the hallway door!
Now that the kitchen is (almost) done, it’s time to work on the sewing room again! Foster has already started his supervision duties…