Back to the Drawing Pad

“It always starts when Foster gets bored.”



foster is bored

I have to say I don’t know what Panda is talking about, because I never get bored. I just like adventure. And I happened to remember that Mom has all these drawing books in the living room. So when we were looking out the front window the other day, I suggested we go get them. At first Panda didn’t want to, because he thought we would get in trouble, but I convinced him that we were only going to look at the pictures – what harm could there be in that?

looking out of box

You may have seen some of Mom’s drawings in previous posts. She has everything from whimsical gardens to Bible stories, and a lot of things in between. So it’s fun to go through them every now and then and imagine what it would be like to be in a world like that.

whimsical squares

whimsical armadillos 640x365

drawings featured

So we found the drawing books and started looking at the pictures. We were so absorbed in them that we must have lost track of our surroundings. Before we knew it, we were in Mom’s whimsical world!

panda in spider web

I have to say this wasn’t Panda’s favorite drawing. I don’t know how he does this stuff but he got stuck in a whimsical spider web! “Don’t be scared!” I called, “Try to climb down! I’ll catch you!” “I told you this was a bad idea,” Panda grumbled. I think he was raised by Swedes like Mom was. Never wants to try anything adventurous.

panda spider web 1

“Try to make it to the leaf and then you can slide down,” I said.

panda sliding down

It worked! Panda was able to slide down to the ground. The spider never seemed to notice he was there, which I thought was pretty rude.

panda's ok

“It’s okay Panda, you’re safe now!”

lazarus and foster

After that ordeal, we decided to look at the Bible stories. We got there just as Jesus was raising Lazarus from the dead. Now that was really exciting! Panda was still a little scared from the spider web incident, so he kept right next to Jesus the whole time. I, on the other hand, wanted a better view so I climbed up on a rock and watched from behind a bush.

rodeo pic sunny

Then we found the Gingerbread drawings. These were originally done for Mom’s grandson when he was eight years old. We decided to stop and watch the rodeo for awhile.

panda and foster on fence

After the rodeo we found a really cool fence with a lot of whimsical insects around. Panda stayed as far away from the spider as possible.

panda falling to snail

Not again! Panda was falling off the fence right into the path of a giant whimsical snail! Fortunately I caught him just in time!

whimsical tree panda

The last picture we looked at was a whimsical tree. We climbed up to see the insects and birds better, and then for a minute we were scared to climb down. But then we remembered when we climbed the Joshua tree in Area 51 and we figured if we could do that we could do this. So we gathered all our courage and jumped to the ground!

in box

We thought we heard Mom coming so we hurried back to the front window like nothing ever happened!