Panda Sightings

You’ve heard of UFO sightings, but have you ever heard of Panda sightings?? Well hold onto your hat, because you’re about to enter the Panda Zone…

hidden pandas lighterYou may remember this drawing from the post “Pandas and Penguins”. It’s called “Hidden Pandas”, and I think there are a total of 53 pandas to be found in it. Well, unbeknownst to me when I drew it, I would one day be sighting a real-life “hidden panda” in my own home. It all started with the arrival of a certain cat...
carrying panda

You can read Panda’s first post in his own words by clicking on “Life With Foster”.

in tunnel with pandaBecause I never know where I will find him next, and because he pretty much makes the rounds of locations throughout the house, I decided to share some of my “panda sightings” with you.panda in laundry 2The first time I realized there was blog material in this was when Panda got “Lost in the House”. I thought Foster had put him somewhere but it turned out I had put him in the dirty clothes by mistake!

Panda explains this unfortunate dilemma in “The Further Adventures of Panda.”

I realize that many of you have already seen some of these, but there are always readers who are just tuning in, so here are a few of my favorites. As Foster explains in “Paparazzi”, I confess to taking pictures every time I find Panda lying around throughout the house. To me it’s always “blog material”. You never know when you might need an extra picture of, well, just about anything.

Since Foster took over the wooden chair in the front living room, Panda has naturally followed suit.  I’ll let the photos below speak for themselves.

And so you see, as I always say, I never know where Panda will show up next.  He is pretty much in a different location every time I come in from being gone.

panda on trampoline Sat

 And just so no one can say he’s being lazy, I’ve even come home to see him trying to get some exercise on the trampoline!

Panda needs bath

I will say this, though, as of this writing he definitely needs a bath!

(If you want to see even more pandas, jump on over to “Cousin Tom Cat’s Adventure” to see my sister’s panda collection! If you’re like us, you’ll agree: You can never have too many pandas!)