Panda Repairs

You've heard of those "Build a Bear" stores, right? Well, at my house today it was "Repair a Bear"! Yesterday I picked up Panda from the floor and noticed he was badly in need of repairs. He's had one little hole in him before and I sewed that up a long time ago, but unbeknownst …

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Too Much Time

Someone recently mentioned that Foster may have "too much time on his paws..." It all started when I came in on Saturday after being gone for a couple of hours. Imagine my surprise when I saw this alarming sight! Much as I hate to admit it, my first reaction was to laugh out loud. It …

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A Day in the Life

Hi all, this is Panda with a report of my activities for today. As usual, Mom took pictures and kept track of the times, but did nothing to help me out of my predicaments! Foster, on the other hand, was his usual innocent self... Need I say more?