Too Much Time

Someone recently mentioned that Foster may have “too much time on his paws…”

panda in water 1

It all started when I came in on Saturday after being gone for a couple of hours. Imagine my surprise when I saw this alarming sight! Much as I hate to admit it, my first reaction was to laugh out loud.

It wasn’t as if this was Panda’s first experience with the water bowl; these pictures are from “The Further Adventures of Panda” back in May. But at  least that time he wasn’t face down in the water! Despite my initial reaction of laughter, this was a bit more concerning: Had Panda become the victim of foul “play”? Or was he simply taking his need for a bath into his own hands?

Panda needs bath
Truth in blogging: Panda hadn’t had a bath in months…

“Panda, speak to me!”

Foster watched anxiously as I took Panda to wring him out in the kitchen sink. “Is he going to be okay, Mom?”on counterRecovering on the kitchen counter. Next I put him in the washer.out of dryerFresh out of the dryer! By the way, those white specks aren’t lint. It’s the light reflecting off of his sparkling clean fur fibers!by front windowSoon everything was back to normal…or so I thought!

But the next day…

Sunday amWhen I came home from church on Sunday, this is what I saw! A brand clean Panda, back in the water! What was going on here?on towelOh well, I thought. I’ll just put him on this towel and think about it later…And I went to take a Sunday afternoon nap.back inWhen I woke up from my nap…

I took him out and put him back on the towel. He had soaked up almost all the water in the bowl so I emptied it temporarily. Once again Foster was worried. “Come on, Bro, wake up!” he said, finally succeeding in tipping him over. Since he was already so clean, this time I just put him in the dryer. He came out as good as new, and I am pleased to report that he has stayed out of the water ever since. your point is

“Too much time on my paws? And? Your point is…?”