Panda Repairs

You’ve heard of those “Build a Bear” stores, right? Well, at my house today it was “Repair a Bear”!

hole and stuffingYesterday I picked up Panda from the floor and noticed he was badly in need of repairs. He’s had one little hole in him before and I sewed that up a long time ago, but unbeknownst to me, he was starting to come apart again. Upon careful inspection, I noticed that his stuffing was even coming out in one spot. See below for a close-up.hole and stuffing 2Warning: Not for the squeamish!

Since I didn’t have time to fix him right then, I put him in a drawer for the rest of the day, so Foster wouldn’t ingest any fiberfill stuffing while I wasn’t home. (You may remember that last time I did that, right after he got “lost in the house”, I forgot where he was for several days…) with fox collectionI took him out later, but by then it was night time and I was too sleepy to fix him, so I put him on the bedroom chair next to my stuffed fox collection. (Don’t laugh at my stuffed fox “collection” – every collection has to start somewhere!) Apparently Foster didn’t notice him up there, because he hadn’t moved by morning. panda on leopard printSo I put him on top of their “den” in the front room, where Foster was obviously happy to see him. I guess he had missed him when he was in the sock drawer after all!happy to seeNever underestimate the bond of loyalty between cat and panda!hole in pandaTime to start the operation – umm, sewing…sewing panda 2I was surprised that he also had worn spots where his fur was almost completely gone.bare spot on panda

sewing panda“Hold still, this won’t hurt a bit!”sewing panda 3“Okay, Mom, I trust you!”investigating panda “Mom, what are you doing to Panda? Panda, speak to me, Bro!”

All better!

Now all he needs is a bath!