Real Pandas

Hi all, Panda here, and I’m pleased to say Mom decided to do another post about me!

missing pandaThis is me in my younger days. When this photo was taken, I was almost brand new. I had just met my best friend Foster, and little did I know that I was on my way to becoming…real!on chairI’m sure you are familiar with “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams. Well, after reading this post, you may  just want to consider me “The Velveteen Panda”.panda and momvsmallSo let’s start at the beginning. Apparently part of becoming “real” is getting dragged around by someone bigger than you.carrying pandaI definitely have that one down to a science!panda against wallI was surprised to find out real pandas sometimes get put in “time out” too.panda in time outDon’t know what I did wrong, but Mom claims she woke up one morning and found me like news pandaWhen I saw this picture I was relieved to know…falling off bed…I’m not the only panda who routinely falls off of stuff.panda fell on floorI was pushed!panda swimmingNor am I the only panda who enjoys going for a refreshing swim now and then.Sunday amAlthough I have to say my lake is much smaller than the ones they have in the wild!pandas drinkingAhh! A cool drink of delicious water!drinking waterI can’t quite reach…panda in snowGranted, we don’t have actual snow here in Fresno…on back white…but I can always pretend!panda lying in sun smallOne thing we can do in our part of the world is lie around in the sun. panda in sunAt this point let me say that Mom was having a hard time finding the panda pictures she wanted on, so she was forced to do a few Google searches. Imagine her surprise when she Googled “panda in sun” and saw this very picture of me from our post, “A Place in the Sun”!

panda in search

Good to know we’re starting to get an online presence!panda on back smallAhh! This is the life!on backThey say if cats and dogs roll over on their backs it means they trust you. For me it’s just a matter of where Foster leaves me!panda with ballApparently real pandas like to play a lot.with ping pong ballsI’m sure I’m not an exception!Giant Panda - 4 month old baby in denIn the wild, pandas enjoy spending time in their dens.panda in den (2)Our den is one of our favorite places!baby panda hidingBeing a panda is not without its difficulties. Sometimes we just feel like hiding from the world.panda under bedUnfortunately, in my case, you can hide, but you can’t run.panda rolling aroundThey say pandas can do all kinds of gymnastic moves, including somersaults.panda upside downHey! I can do that!panda and tiged ad smallMom found this photo when she Googled “panda and tiger”. Apparently it’s from a “Pei Wei’s” orange chicken ad, and the caption was “Move over, panda!”move over pandaI’ve heard that before!

So you see being a real panda takes work, and it can get you pretty tired.

sleep anywhereFortunately, like cats, we pandas can pretty much sleep anywhere.facing down“That’s affirm!”
sleepingwith friendsBut the best place to sleep is always…with panda on bed…with your very best friend!