Hidden Cats

Do you remember looking through “hidden picture” books when you were a child?  Well, I’ve discovered that you can find real-life hidden cats, if you want to take the time to look for them!

hiddenSometimes the hidden cat is simply camouflaged in the background, and sometimes he is a little harder to find.

Sometimes all you see is a paw…

…or a tail…

…or a bottom…

hidden cat…or a nose!

But to be honest, hidden cats can be found pretty much anywhere.

in pillows 2In case you didn’t know, if you have anything in your house that remotely resembles a fort, you are likely to find a cat in there.in paper

Sometimes the hidden cat is merely behind something.

This works best for kittens, but may be attempted by a grown cat as well.

With varying degrees of success…

little kids overIf small children ever come to your house to visit, (or perhaps they live there) you may have a harder time finding your hidden cat, not to mention his toys!both arms outIf you have a kitten, you can expect to find him anywhere he can fit!in plastic shelfEven if he doesn’t really fit!

Usually he’ll have a “hidden” agenda…getting wind chimesSo you probably shouldn’t have miniature wind chimes hanging from a shelf on the wall.

Not to “let the cat out of the bag”, but…

Sometimes they just think they’re hidden.under rug

on bathroom sinkDo you ever feel like someone is watching you from the other room? It just could be  a “not-so-hidden” cat.clothes hamperAnd don’t expect to get a new laundry hamper without finding a hidden cat inside.Foster clawsYou also should probably not sit down on your exercise trampoline without checking underneath it first.mouse on trampoline

Don’t let that innocent little face fool you!