C S Eye

The eyes are the window to the soul…

Foster selfie
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When I was called for jury duty in October of last year, during the interviewing of the prospective jurors, there was a discussion about something called “CSI”. When it was my turn, I was asked if I had understood the questions and answers of the people before me. I had to admit I didn’t understand what they meant by “CSI”. The prosecuting attorney explained that they were referring to an episode of a TV show called “CSI”. That explained it, since I have not had a TV in my home since 1987. The whole courtroom laughed when I said “Oh…that’s why I didn’t get it!”

home alone image
During the week I was at jury duty, Foster and Panda got in a bit of trouble while “Home Alone”.

Apparently the attorneys were trying to find out if, as prospective jurors, we thought the things that happen on TV crime shows can happen in real life. The episode in question was one where a murder suspect was caught because his reflection was seen in the victim’s eye in a security photo from an ATM machine. It was an intriguing idea, although I had no clue if something like that could really happen.CS EyeUntil I saw this. Yes, if you look closely you can see me, or rather, my iPhone, reflected sideways in Foster’s eye as I took the photo. That got me thinking about the other close ups I’ve taken since I’ve had Foster. So let’s take a look…hearing the garnderThese are the eyes of a young cat who just heard the gardener in the back yard.catnip eyesThen you have the eyes of a cat who’s having a catnip moment.tubOr the “deer in the headlights” look of someone who got caught where he doesn’t belong!grouch faceNobody likes it when you wake them up from a sound sleep on their favorite shelf!wake up faceBut they think nothing of waking YOU up whenever they want!close up faceOnce in awhile someone realizes they are stuck between a person and the side of the recliner.

I think the pupils of a cat’s eyes are amazing! looking down from shelfHow would you like to look up and see this on the windowsill above you?

I love the way a cat’s eyes can look transparent.eyes big

startledYou’ve seen these eyes if you’ve read “Area 51.”

facing forward motorcycleOr if you’ve read “Hide-and-Seek”.got panda2Or “Cruising With Foster and Panda”.big eyes

But sometimes it’s time to cover up and give your eyes a rest!

covering eyesWhich is just as cute, if you ask me!