Pets From the Past, Part 2

Punkin and Heidi

cats featuredHow many of us have pictures like this? Cats love to sleep on windowsills. You can see that in the early 1980s, Heidi (above) didn’t have shelves nailed up on her windowsills like Foster does today. But when you live in an apartment you just can’t go nailing stuff to the windowsills. No matter how much you love your cats.Punkin and HeidiThere was a shelf on the outside of the window, though, so that’s how I got this shot of Punkin outside and Heidi inside. It’s too bad the color has faded on the prints. Fenwick and kittensOne of these kittens was Heidi when she was a baby. The mother cat was Kjersti, so named because when I got her I was reading a book by Vilhelm Moberg and there was a character named Kjersti in the story.  The parakeet is Fenwick. Fenwick had quite a personality for a bird, as you can see.kjersti and fenwickUnfortunately Fenwick met her demise at the hands (or, rather, teeth,) of Woody, a brown tabby with six toes who apparently didn’t hold her in the same regard that the kittens did.kittens with Fenwick

Fenwick and white kittenKittens are always so cute!punkin with plant potThis is Punkin doing his imitation of when Winnie the Pooh got his head stuck in the honey pot.

And his version of  helping me with the planting.

I always thought Punkin was quite photogenic.
punkin and heidi sleepingHeidi and Punkin being cuddly when Heidi was little.Heidi by stationeryHeidi next to matching stationery.sleepy on birdcagePunkin and Heidi feeling sleepy on top of a birdcage.punkin windowsillThis is Punkin in 1986 or 87. I wish I had remembered this photo when I did the post “A Place In the Sun”!black and whiteDon’t you just love his little nose?on desk 6

Well, that’s it for Pets From the Past, Part 2! By now you probably know it will take a few more posts to include everyone who fits this category.

rags and bearComing soon, Bear and Rags.