Colored Pencils

I cannot tell you how many colored pencils have passed through my hands in thirty years of teaching. After retiring, one would think I would never want to see another colored pencil again, but…

girls coloringThese girls are drawing a background for a play we did in one of my English learner classes, (somewhere around 2010 to the best of my memory).apt smallThe finished product: the living room scene.colored pencils lotsAnother living room scene – this time at my house! 

Since getting started with Bible Art, I have become the new “connoiseur” of colored pencils!colored pencils 1The problem with colored pencils is that they don’t stay sharp very long, and unless you get a really good sharpener, you will be frustrated. The other problem, if you are like me, is that you never remember which colors you have and which ones you need. So, for a recent trip to the art supply store, I took pictures of the colors I had, hoping to avoid buying duplicates.

For school I would always buy Crayola or RoseArt colored pencils. Anything cheaper proved to be low quality, but since teens and pre-teens don’t always take care of your stuff, anything more expensive was out of the question. But now that I am a connoiseur, I have graduated up to Prismacolor and a few more expensive brands. With colored pencils I do believe you pretty much get what you pay for.color pencils 2Anyway this all prompted me to take a look through my pictures to see if I had enough photos to do an “art-related” post about colored and pencilsPencils, pens, coffee, and my recliner: my “happy place”.foster by pencilsA very tiny Foster by my formerly small collection of drawing supplies.foster on deskA year later Foster finds himself still surrounded by art supplies. helping paintSometimes he likes to help…Foster playing…other times he is content to do his own thing and let me draw by myself.jojo colored pencilsWhenever small children come to my house, they always know there will be something for them to color. Some of them even know how to use my printer to print their own copies from the coloring books I have in my living room.color booksBelow are some pictures you might remember from “An Unexpected Adventure”,  when I was “stranded” in Nevada and resorted to using my grandson’s colored pencils because I hadn’t brought enough gel pens with me. My granddaughter’s cat, Zarissa, was kind enough to pose for a reference photo.

fox pencil holderYou can never have too many colored pencils, or gel pens, or fox mugs, or…by laptop

…well, cats!