Then and Now

Hi everyone, Foster here, and I’m ready to show you something really interesting! Mom was looking for something else on her computer, and she came across some of my baby pictures she forgot she had. Then she said I could write the captions for this post! So, here we go…

To start out with, everyone needs a friend who will stay with them through thick and thin! And I have to say, Panda has been just that!
end of bedEver since I was little I have liked sitting on the bed frame at the end of the bed.well are you upWhat, you’re saying I don’t fit anymore?

I still like to stare at Mom and try to wake her up!

I have always been helpful when Mom is sewing…pinsBut I don’t think I can fit through the sewing machine like I used to!

Still, I help her sew whenever I can!small dishEven Mom had forgotten how small I used to be compared to my food and water bowls!lying down to drinkYou can see our kitchen wall and my place mats are much prettier now!

And I’ve always enjoyed biting on her hand!foster-helpingThe first big project I helped with was when she painted our “Talavera Kitchen” last year.Foster helpingAnd of course I still like to help her with projects around the house!

I noticed the last time I was at the vet that their sink and counter were getting smaller!

Or am I just getting bigger?

One of my favorite things is the printer. Did you know if you step on it just right, you can print out a blank piece of paper? Or change its function from “Copy” to “Fax”?

I always like to stretch out as far as I can.

friends 2 featuredWhich seems to be getting farther and farther all the time!

And look how small I was compared to the colored pencils and how much bigger I am now!

Even my back feet are getting bigger!

Well, I don’t need to tell you that I could go on and on with this, but Mom says I have to hurry up because she needs to use the computer…

under trampoline with pandaSee you next time!