Only a Test

This is only a test…


snail and flower small

You’ve heard the phrase “this is only a test”, right? Usually it’s the Emergency Broadcast System on the radio, or a fire drill at school. Well this is a test of the “Whimsical Coloring Page Printout System”! I’ve seen other blogs where people include free downloads of different things, and what could be more fun than a coloring page? It was something I really wanted to try, so this is my first experiment.

I asked Julie from JulieErinDesigns  how she did her awesome downloadable Valentine coloring cards, and she took the time to answer my question and was really helpful (thanks, Julie!) But since I’m not too skilled at Dropbox, which is what she uses, I went ahead and researched a few more ideas that sounded easier to me.

So…as far as I can tell, you should be able to click on any of the three choices and print out the “snail and flower” coloring page. It’s kind of a “rough draft”; I have an idea for how to make it lots better, but I will have to practice my digital editing skills first. (I’ll open the comments section for this post so if you try it you can let me know how it worked.)

Google Link Snail and Flower

Word Document snail and flower coloring

PDF snail and flower coloring

Hopefully my “experiment” works! If it does, we’ll all be one step closer to the actual creation of “Debra Kay’s Online Finger Puppet Emporium”!**

**Disclaimer: Yes, I know you can’t download finger puppets…but maybe you can download coloring pages about them! 

row of puppetsJust a thought!

6 thoughts on “Only a Test

  1. hello nanasworldweb its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a verry kyoot and happy lukking snayl!!! mutch happyer lukking then the snayls wot we hav krawling arownd heer they ar all bizness!!! ok bye

    1. Hi Dennis! I’m glad to hear from you and glad you liked the snail drawing! Whimsical snails are much better than real ones, I have to agree! Foster has never seen a real snail so I guess he’ll have to take your word for it! 🐱🐼

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