Hummingbird Score!

In case you’ve been wondering…

turquoise cart 2I did paint the shopping cart turquoise!turquoiseIsn’t turquoise just the best color? turquoise cart 1Remember, I found this cart in front of my house and the store said I could have it… (and I’m not making this up!)cart with itemsI decided to use it for storing gardening supplies instead of making it into a planter like the ones I saw on Pinterest.  I did add a couple of potted plants to it.petuniaSo back to the hummingbirds…

plants on windowsillIf you have read “Plants With a Purpose”, you will recognize the new “window shelf” complete with colorful flowers meant to attract hummingbirds. Ever since Foster and I first went on “Hummingbird Watch” I have been on a quest for close up hummingbird photos. Which brings me to the purpose for this post: “Score!!”close up hummerIt’s working! Since I have put more colorful plants near the feeder, the hummingbirds have gotten quite bold and are starting to come up really close to me when I am out flowerThe ice plant is my favorite.

I think the hummingbirds like them too.

hummingbird sitting

So we see that to attract hummingbirds you need color, color, color!

window sillI have read that hummingbirds like bird baths, but the water has to be super shallow for them. So I got a bird feeder from JoAnn’s for 60% off, and decided it could be a hummingbird bath.

Haven’t seen anyone in it yet, but the weather has been pretty cold this week. I’ll let you know if it works. Meanwhile, we’ll look at some more whimsical patio pictures.

breezewayA view from the breezeway. I would love to turn this area into a “catio”, like Scooby, Zeke, and friends have over at Feline Cafe. But that is going to take a lot of thought, and it’s probably not something I should try to do by myself. But then you never know. You can be sure you’ll hear about it here if I ever do!Foster in window

Foster’s for it!