It Must Be the Water

It’s always fun to get a new box!

looking at boxWell, Mom said I could do this post (after all, she is the person, so I guess it’s her call…) I’m really excited because what I have to tell you this time is beyond awesome!biting boxSo yesterday we get this box from Amazon. My favorite part about helping Mom open boxes is biting on the tape!in boxThat, and getting in the box.plastic on boxOh, wow! Plastic bubble things!tape on boxDid I mention Mom never lets me eat the tape?looking at box 2Okay, so this looks like something for Mom to put together! I know how much she likes to put stuff together, so Panda and I decided to sit back and watch.

You know by now that Mom always reads the directions…This time she said something about knowing two and a half languages and not being able to find any of them…

It didn’t take too long for her to put it together, and guess what!playing with waterIt was for me!playing with water 2Coolness! My very own water fountain! drinking waterI guess you can drink out of it too! This is way better than the bathroom sink!

Then Mom figured out that the outlet she had it plugged into had to have the light switch on to make it work. But she didn’t really trust the  light bulbs not to get too hot if she left them on for too long at a time. So she turned off the switch when she left for church.water taken apartWhen she came home, she was surprised to see that I had taken everything apart while looking for my water! I couldn’t figure out where it had gone, but I knew it was probably under the little flower thingy. Mom’s sister suspected Panda of having a part in it, but I’m no snitch, so we’ll just leave it at that. She didn’t get mad, but she put it back together for me, then today she moved it to a plug where it can stay on even with the lights off.drinking water 2

Ahhh! This is the life!