She’s the Person

Hi everyone, it’s me, Foster, with more to think about…

Foster by front door

Remember when I told you there’s a lot to think about in life? Well, I’ve discovered even more to think about! And believe it or not, a lot of it has to do with who’s the person and who’s the cat.

Allow me to explain. I’ve noticed there are some things that, no matter how hard I try, I am not allowed to do. One of those things is going in the garage. You will remember that Mom tried putting up this door to keep me from going out the door to the garage. Nice try, Mom, but it didn’t stop me at all.

This is me trying to open the guest room and the bedroom doors. Mom couldn’t find the photo of me trying to open the garage door, but I actually did succeed in opening that one twice. I totally get the concept of doorknobs now.vintage typewriterSo for a while, whenever she would go anywhere she used this vintage typewriter as a doorstop. She said she didn’t want to drive into the garage and find out I had gotten out there by myself. (Mom, how come you say that like it’s a bad thing?)

So when she got this lightweight drill from her sister and brother-in-law for Christmas, and then came home with this bolt-thingy…

lock up closeRats! Foiled again!person featuredSo Mom, seriously, why can’t I go in the garage?

“Because I’m the person and you’re the cat, that’s why!”

feet upOkay, I guess that works…