ABC Animals Part 2

It’s time for an update on my ABC Animals art journal! I am now all the way up to the Letter “I”.

In case you haven’t seen my original ABC Animals post, here are the letters I had finished at that time. (“Dolphin” wasn’t actually finished then, but now it is.)

dolphin BI always like to fill in all the white space on my “Talavera” style drawings, but decided to leave the background white on this one. This was done with my favorite Sakura Moonlight gel pens. Elephant“E” is for Elephant! This one is done with colored pencils. The outlines are done with a black felt tip pen. (Partly inspired by Foster and Panda’s adventure in India.)foxAnd how could “F” not be for “Fox”? The only color that’s not done with Moonlight gel pens is the gray colored pencil on his ears. I used a picture of a stuffed toy fox that I found on Pinterest for a “reference photo.”geckoGecko seemed the obvious choice for the letter “G”. For more of this style, you can see either “Talavera” or “Stepping Stones Part 2”.hamsterFor the letter “H” I decided to do a pencil sketch of a hamster. Because hamsters are cute.Iiwi birdI found out there was a bird called an “iiwi”. It’s from Hawaii. That’s all I know; you’ll have to take my word for it…

So there you have it, the alphabet according to Debra Kay, from A to I.

Stay tuned for the letter “J”, which, as it turns out, is for “Jellyfish”.