Little Cat Feet

“The fog comes on little cat feet…”

fog at gp featured
In a typical scene from my teaching days, a student walks across the quad on a foggy day schedule.

I’ve always liked these words from Carl Sandburg’s poem “Fog”. It just seems like the perfect description of fog creeping in, and of course, who doesn’t like little cat feet? cat feet on pillowYou may remember this photo if you’ve read my post  “You Might be a Cat Owner”. A friend mentioned to me how much she likes little kitty feet and I agreed. In the back of my mind I knew this was “blog material”. back footI always think it’s interesting how cat paws can be different colors. I like pink the best, but you will notice that some of Foster’s paw pads are actually two-tone. (Check your cat’s feet. What colors do you see?)Foster sitting in reclinerThis is one of my favorites. It turned out to be quite versatile for “photoshopping”; you have seen it if you’ve read many of the “Foster and Panda Adventures” on this blog.flip flopsSometimes little cat feet end up on top of somebody’s flip flops. I did not put those flip flops there (well I did, in the sense that that’s where I normally keep them, but I didn’t put them under his feet!) That was totally his doing.

And sometimes little cat feet end up where they aren’t supposed to be! (As in pink craft paint, paint water, and the fireplace. For more information see “Indoor Feet”).foot bandaidIf they take you to the vet when you are a baby and do blood tests, your little cat feet might be a little bit “owie” for feetBringing new meaning to the phrase “put your feet up”.

Ahh…the recliner is the best place to stretch out your feet!feet on bunk bedI’ve discovered that a certain cat likes to sleep with his feet up on the top bunk in the guest room…on bunk bed little…just like he did when he was cuteLittle cat feet are so cute when little cats are getting sleepy!another paw upMaybe I should do a post about little cat noses next…feet off of shelf2If you put up a shelf for your cat when he’s small, remember he will eventually grow.back feet upI love the way cats curl up their feet or stick them straight up while sleeping.

If you compare these photos with the previous one, you will notice that when he was a kitten you could see all the spots on his tummy. What’s up with that? But just look at those cute little feetsies!feet in guest room

Now that Fresno is headed into summer, there shouldn’t be any fog in the forecast for awhile. But there is always a chance of little cat feet!