Amazon Review

So Mom says I’m grounded from my water fountain until further notice.

fountain cWhy? Well, it’s kind of a long story…

You will remember from my post “It Must Be The Water” that Mom had ordered this cool fountain for me from Amazon. She put it together and I loved playing in – I mean, drinking from – it. I even figured out how to take it apart the first night when she turned it off and left for church. water taken apartYou know how much Mom likes putting stuff together, well that’s how much I like taking stuff apart. So she moved the fountain to an outlet that didn’t need to have the light on for it to work, and then she went to visit Grandma and was gone two nights.carpet Carlos and Kate were busy having their baby, whose feet you can see in Mom’s post “Baby Socks”. So she asked another friend to check on me each evening. The first night she texted Mom that everything was fine. But the next night…waterInstead of texting, Mom’s friend actually called her. (I had a feeling this might not bode well…) She said I must have spilled my water fountain, because when she came to check on me there was water all over the carpet and the hardwood floor. Mom told her where the towels were and she wiped up all the water, and laid the carpet over the trampoline to dry. Then she put our old plastic shower curtain down under my den so it could dry, too.shower curtainAfter she got home, it took a few days before Mom actually put the living room back together. But it’s all good now. Mysteriously, however, my fountain had disappeared.  not plugged inA few days later Mom said she knew how much I liked my fountain, so she decided to set it up in the guest room. That didn’t last long, because I was eager to take it apart before it was even plugged in! So then she tried “Plan B”: the bathroom sink

 To make it more interesting she put my two bathroom ping pong balls in the water. It’s always fun to push them around in the sink. Amazingly, after that the fountain disappeared again! I did hear Mom say she sent in a product review to Amazon. Panda and I figured out how to get the link to it, so if you want to know what she said, you can read it by clicking here.

Because she hates to give up, a few days later Mom tried the fountain one more time. This time she put it in the bedroom. I immediately set to work taking off the flower piece. So Mom took it off for me. fountain 15Around this time, Mom was starting to think maybe she was missing something. Maybe she wasn’t putting this thing together right in the first place, and that’s why I kept being able to take it apart. There was nothing in the instructions about this so she had to go to the Catit website for more info.fountain 7So, if you read this, I should have gotten tired of taking my fountain apart by now. Mom wrote “LOL” over the screenshot because, well, they don’t know me, do they?

So this was “Plan C”. (That’s “C” for “Clips”.) This was going to take some figuring. I still tried to take the flower off, so she took it out again.

It was kind of fun sticking my paw into the water as it bubbled out of the center.

Not to be outdone, Mom took the green thing off, too. She took the pump out and I heard her say something about “this is not going to work…” It was even fun to stick both my paws in when it was empty. But after that, the fountain disappeared again! And I thought I heard something about “cousin Zarissa might like it”…they say she’s an older cat who isn’t into taking stuff apart. fountain a

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!