Belle’s Fashions

Okay, I have a name for my 18-inch doll clothes “model”.

Meet Belle!

belle outfit Awhile back, I made two little girls’ outfits like this for a “Beauty and the Beast” themed event. Since I had fabric scraps left over, I made them a “Belle” dress for their American Girl doll. It was then that I realized my “model’s” name had to be Belle. You saw her in “Second Childhood”, and at that time I promised to let you know when I came up with a name for her.Foster on fabricSince then, (Foster and) I have made some doll outfits you haven’t seen yet, so I decided to have Belle do a “fashion show” of sorts for this post. (These are outfits I haven’t given away because I am toying with the idea of accumulating a number of them and seeing if I can eventually sell them.)

I might mention at this point, that looking through Pinterest for doll clothes ideas, I’ve seen plenty of photos showing the outfits in different settings, all much prettier than the “on top of the ironing board” collection I had accumulated.

So I thought, why not…?

The first outfit Belle will be modeling today is a blue and white zebra print knit dress. Originally designed for wearing around the house, it can also be worn while relaxing on the back patio.

This two piece outfit features a faux collar (it’s actually ironed on with two sided fusible interfacing). A delicate edging of yellow lace finishes the skirt, and the large hair bow conceals the scratch Belle incurred when she bumped her head on the wall after being accidentally dropped while on top of the ironing board.

What doll wouldn’t enjoy wearing this outfit if she were going on a tropical vacation?by latticeRegarding the aforementioned scratch on her face, it occurred to me to “photoshop” it out of these pictures, but then I decided that Belle is beautiful just the way she is. Why should she resort to things like photoshop or make-up when I have raised her to have a healthy self image? (Plus I’m just really lazy, and editing all those photos sounded like a lot of work.)

by bricksThe combination of stripes and flowers is all the style, and Belle’s wardrobe is no exception. Perky red hair ribbons add a finished touch to this empire waist maxi dress.

Foster kissThis is one of my favorites of the dresses I have made so far. In “Second Childhood” I explained my “DIY tips” on the easy way to do the two-fabric contrast when working with small pattern pieces. Here you can see Foster sniffing the star jasmine scent in Belle’s hair after the front porch photo shoot.

This cotton floral dress, trimmed with off-white lace and ribbon, seemed perfect for a sewing room backdrop. The headband on the right is actually for Baby Meredith (see Baby Socks); I just haven’t given it to her yet. doll clothes patternIn an effort to produce even better 18-inch doll clothes, I have even purchased an actual pattern!

The possibilities are now endless!