The Blue Dresser

“So Mom, what do you have planned for today?”

ready for their day“The boys” were waiting for me when I came in from the kitchen. “Well,” I replied,”the neighbors across the street are having a yard sale. You guys stay here. I think I’ll go over there and see what they have.” crossed paws“Alrighty then,” Foster said. “But just don’t get carried away, okay?” Making no promises, I told them to be good and went outside.

It was only $25!

blue dresser at yard saleIt was the color that originally attracted me. I spotted it from across the street, and immediately I thought of  “the puppet room!” (If this term means nothing to you, click on this link and you will understand.) But if you’re not in the mood to link back to the puppet room post, here is a brief summary: My “extra” living room, besides being the “kitty room”, is home to an array of puppets and stage backdrops, items for Sunday school object lessons, costumes and props for skits, Bible lessons…you name it!
puppet room before One of my life goals for years has been to organize this room. (I know, kind of like Don Quixote dreaming the impossible dream!)  My friend Kathy has as much, if not more, of this stuff in her garage. Between the two of us, we have pretty much all we need for the different lessons and skits we may be called upon to put together. In fact, someone once approached Kathy before Sunday school and asked if she had the whole armor of God. Her response was, “No…not with me.” But with a little advance notice, I’m sure we could have come up with everything they needed!puppet stuffOkay so back to the dresser. I could picture the dresser against this wall, and the idea of eliminating the plastic bins in favor of something a little more “furniture-like” was more than I could resist. It would be perfect! no drawers“Wow, Mom! Is this a new cat tree?”sniffing drawer“Hmm…smells okay…”panda's mishapI hate to admit this, but Panda did have bit of a mishap…panda under drawer“Truth in blogging” at its best. Or maybe its worst.panda out of the wayOnce we rescued him and put him up out of the way, I continued working on my new dresser.cactus by dresserApparently it met with Foster’s approval. The “cactus” on the right is actually a prop…which technically belongs to Kathy. But I figured, might as well use it as decor rather than trying to stuff it in one of the drawers!sideways shelfIf you scroll back up to the beginning of this post you might notice my “sideways shelf”, barely visible behind some stuff on the back wall. Here you see it in its new location, because it wasn’t long before I realized the blue dresser would look better arrangementSo this is pretty much the arrangement I have now. crossed paws 2Which also met with Foster’s approval.

I won’t lie and say I don’t still have a few plastic bins around, but their days are numbered.

in plastic boxAll I need is for the neighbors to have another yard sale!