Just Add Water, Part 2

If you have read my post “Just Add Water”, you have already seen my whimsical cement garden spheres.

cement spheresAnd if you have been in my backyard lately, you know that they still look exactly like this. Yep, that’s right, I have done nothing to them to make them any more whimsical. That’s because I was busy finishing my other garden sphere project.paint how toIt started with a styrofoam ball, painted blue. In case you’ve never painted a styrofoam ball, you will find it easier to poke a stick into the ball before you start. That way you can turn it all around without getting (too much) paint all over your hands.paint by plantsThen you have to put it somewhere so the paint can dry. To be honest I kind of liked they way it looked just with the paint.gems in tupperwareThe next thing you need is glass gems, which you can get just about anywhere. I mistakenly thought this glue would work on styrofoam, but I have to say I found it a bit problematic. It tends to eat into the styrofoam, and I noticed the gems just kind of slide down the side of the ball unless you hold them for quite awhile before letting go.close up of blueIn case you haven’t figured out by now, this is NOT one of those regular DIY craft blogs. That means if you want to try any of the projects on my blog, you would do well to look up an actual expert DIY post and follow their directions. I mostly show you how I did mine, and what the results were. Whether or not I followed the directions is always open to speculation.art table patioThat being said, it kind of helps if you clear off a space on your craft table before you start.glitter glueSo about halfway through it dawned on me to add glitter glue in between the gems…glitter glue up closeIf you look closely you can see the glitter.blue in tupperwareBecause of the way the gems slide off the ball before the glue dries, it took forever to finish this “easy” project. You can really only put a few gems on at a time and wait for the glue to dry before adding more.ball 1Here’s how it looked about three fourths of the way done.ball 3I have to say I do like the way the close up photos turned out. blue sphere by plantIt’s finally finished! I have to say I don’t think I’ll make another one soon, at least not out of styrofoam. But it was at least worth a try.


There’s more to this story. Suffice it to say that it involves both the front and back yards, glass gems, grout, and, well, let’s just say “To Be Continued!”