Where the Sidewalk Ends (or Begins?)

Remember when I told you how fun it is to play with wet cement?

broken cementWell, I still had some cement left over from “Just Add Water”, so I got an idea…I have several places in my “whimsical” backyard where the cement is broken, and it looked like I had enough cement left to fill at least one area.barely startingJust filling in the cement would be boring, right? And it certainly wouldn’t be very whimsical. So I decided to do something I didn’t know if I would even like: what about putting pieces of broken pottery and glass gems in the cement before it dries? And goodness knows I had plenty of glass gems leftover from my “Whimsical Mushroom”! (Truth in blogging: I went and bought some more anyway!)

The “pottery” was from a thrift store. I didn’t know if I would be able to actually break a perfectly good plate, (kind of like tearing a page out of a vintage book in order to do a drawing on it…) But it wasn’t that bad. This is how I did it: I wrapped the plate with newspaper, laid it on the sidewalk, and hit it with a hammer. (Not saying you should do it that way, just saying it worked for me.)

So this is before I started. You’ll notice I had my cement mixing tub, my new bag of glass gems, a container for water, a hammer, and a small shovel. starting cementWhen you first put the pieces into the cement you have to wipe the excess before it gets too dry.  piecesThen they will look sort of like this. Kind of like a mosaic. (Yes, I know, the operative words are “kind of”.)painted sidewalkI wasn’t trying to make any specific pattern, just random designs.gems on sidewalkI thought the bag of gems looked pretty in the late afternoon sun.sidewalkOh, and while we’re on the subject, don’t judge my dry grass. Due to the five year drought, here in Fresno, “brown is the new green”. I would say here that at least my front yard is green,  but that would be a lie. Just waiting for rain!sidewalk with feetAnd yes, I was out there barefoot. I’ve never been a huge fan of shoes.potentialWhile I was out there, I took the opportunity to sit down on the sidewalk (not the wet cement part) and gaze at the side yard.  This photo is entitled “Potential”. I guess the photo below could share the same title.dry back yard

From here, it looks like an artist’s blank canvas, don’t you think?