Cousin Tom Cat’s Adventure, Part 2

Hi everyone! Today Panda and I have some sad news to share with you about my “cousin”, Tom Cat.

both under denYou might remember reading my post “Cousin Tom Cat’s Adventure”, where I told you how Mom’s sister’s cat got stuck in the neighbor’s shed for a week last year. If not, feel free to read it by clicking on the link.tom cat on grassWell, Mom told us that this past week Tom Cat had another adventure. He hadn’t been feeling well and so he had to go to the vet. They did blood tests and found out he had FIV, and there was nothing they could do to make him better. They decided that instead of suffering and being sick, he should go to the Rainbow Bridge instead.rainbowMom’s sister and her husband were really sad about this, and so was Mom when she found out. But they all knew it was for the best. It was, as Daddy would have said, “the way of things”. (You can read more about this in one of Mom’s first posts, “The Way of Things”, which Mom wrote before I even came to live with her.)
window silhouetteSo we thought we would share some pictures of Tom Cat so you could see what a good kitty he was and how much he loved living in his “forever home”.  Mom said I could write the captions. (She said that, being a cat, I would probably be better at it than she would.)

Boxes and bags: who can resist them?

Nothing beats “chillin'” with your best buds!

Gotta be either on your humans or on their stuff! (Or their neighbors’ stuff…)

But always show them you appreciate the sleeping places they give you. One way to do this is by getting in your new bed before they have had a chance to take off the price tag!

The truth is, you can sleep just about anywhere.

Tom cat last

6 thoughts on “Cousin Tom Cat’s Adventure, Part 2

  1. Gail Haskell

    Thank you Deb for posting such a nice tribute to Tom Cat.❤️ He was just the sweetest and happiest kitty and we will miss him very much. 💔

  2. hello foster and panda its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer that yore kuzzin tom had to go away!!! run free over the rainbo bridj tom and hav lots of fun chaysing those butterflies and grasshoppers wot they hav their!!! ok bye

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