ABC Animals Part 4

Have you ever seen a numbat?

numbatNeither have I, but I’m getting pretty good at Googling “Animals that start with…”, and for the letter N, I found numbat. You might think it would be some kind of bat, but it looks pretty much like what you see here. (I will say that it’s kind of hard to photograph a pencil drawing when you are kind of lazy and you don’t feel like taking multiple photos just to get a good one. But that could be another post in itself!)

Numbat photo
By Martin Pot (Martybugs at en.wikipedia), CC BY 3.0,

As the Wikipedia article says, a numbat is NOT to be confused with a wombat. Just so you know.octopusFor the letter O, we have octopus. This one was a little tricky because I did it with pencil first, and when I went to color it in with colored pencils, you could see all the indentations from lines I had erased. I added blue, purple, and pink sparkly Sakura Gelly Roll pen at the end to see if that would help, and it did, to some extent. octopus close upIf you look carefully at this close up, you will see what I mean. I’m still not a major fan of colored pencils, but I’m not giving up!panda 1The letter P was kind of a given. I tried adjusting the color on this one because the background photographed kind of dark. It seems to have washed out the color just a tad. I debated filling in the sky with my favorite blue Moonlight Gel pen, but it would have taken too long and I was impatient to do this post.quokka 2Okay you’re just going to have to trust me on this one. The quokka is supposed to be the world’s happiest animal. They really do look like they are smiling. They’re from Australia, which is why I added the eucalyptus branch on the letter Q. This one is even less finished than the numbat, as you can tell by the places that need to be gone over with the pencil and the smudges that need to be erased. But this will at least give you the idea.Rabbit bestFor the letter R, I decided to do a doodle with a bit of a Zentangle flair. For this section,  I think the rabbit is my favorite. (Well, besides Panda, I mean.)

For the letter S, we’ll be having a seahorse, but it’s still in progress.

So here is the review of all the animals so far:

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